ASAE Tech Expo Goes Unconference – UNTECH10

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Not more that a few hours after ASAE leaders pulled the plug on the official ASAE Tech Expo due to the big blizzard in DC, social media leaders and conference evangelists created UNTECH10, an unconference alternative (FREE) to everyone.


The Background

A lot of snow in DC… I mean a lot! ASAE cancels Tech Expo 2010. Then conference go’er Aaron Biddar from The Port Network contacted Lindy Dryer at SocialFish (one of our community leaders) about using their hotel space for an on-site rally. It didn’t take long for the unconference idea to surface. The call came while Lindy was having lunch with Omnipress’ Tony Veroeven and the two of them discussed it with Socialfish Maddie Grant (who can’t say no to anything involving social media). It was at that point the UnTech10 Unconference was born.

untech10How to Create an Unconference in 24 Hours

Maddie Grant and a small team of ASAE Tech Expo exhibitors and other meeting industry leaders have been meeting on and off to determine the best on-site approach for those who were going to attend the ASAE event as well as a way to take the unofficial event virtual. It was decided to have a mix of on-site sessions and virtual sessions (streaming content) to anyone who is interested with the focus still on Association and Event Technology.

The team quickly launched an eventbrite registration page to get an idea of how many people may attend (at the time of this blog it was 93). They also chose Omnipress’ Conference 2.0™ solution to be the conference hub for networking, schedules and conversations while other providers like Peach New Media, NFi Solutions and The Port provided web casting and video support. All of which has been updated in the unconference wiki.

The team then used social outposts (e.g., Twitter) and created a hashtag for the event to share event information — #untech10. This combined with traditional marketing efforts from many industry suppliers has helped spread the word to their followers.

Watch a Canceled Conference go Unconference and Learn

1.  Follow #untech10 on Twitter

2.  Join the UNTECH10 Conference™ 2.0 event community

Social Media and Meeting Planning at it’s Best

If these is something to learn here, it’s to be prepared.

  1. know a good meeting planner
  2. know some really good, experienced social media leaders who can lead and rally the social media world
  3. realize the power of relationships and “just ask”
  4. take care of your suppliers and they will take care of you
  5. have an event community in place


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February 10th, 2010David McKnight says:

This is incredible…even if you aren’t a techy you should check out this site. The power of social networking for events – site went live three hours after idea was hatched, 147 members and a dozen new members an hour, new session content is being posted every hour, sponsors lined up to participate (how often do sponsors chase meeting planners?).

All that had to happen is an event be canceled…OK, not a good reason…but this is cool to watch. Pair this with the live event…hummm…

Join us, it’s free…

More about Social media for Events…join us at….help us define how to bring this technology to the meeting community – demystify the technology and focus on the opportunity it brings.

David McKnight
Omnipress – Conference 2.0

PS – looks like some great content too. …167 users…

Twitter: Djmcknight


February 10th, 2010Taylor Henry says:

Great article – go team! What a blessing it is to work with peers, partners, couterparts, and customers in the same room with one mission!

Quick note – It was Aaron Biddar from ThePort, not Erin Walden…yes…it’s our fault … we have too many Erins/Aarons on staff (3 to be exact and all on the sales and marketing team). 🙂


February 10th, 2010uberVU - social comments says:

Social comments and analytics for this post…

This post was mentioned on Twitter by brucehammond: @chrisuschan: Great post abt the origins of #unTech10. Very cool to hear how it came together – Certainly a case study….


February 11th, 2010Shanna - Protech Associates says:

On a brighter note, I just want to give you, your team HUGE
props for throwing together the UnTech 10 event together so quickly.

I’ve been attending virtually all day and it is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! It is SO awesome to be sitting in Fargo, ND at my own desk and to feel as though I am actually there!!

Also, to be able to connect through the online community and to visibly be able to see other attendees Tweets and feedback, is PHENOMENAL!! Again this is a great event and I’m so glad that even though the weather put a damper on the on-site event, that you were able to offer a quick solution for it. You guys are AMAZING!!!!

Twitter: chrisuschan


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