3 Reasons To Have Your Presenters Create Videos to Promote Their Session

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If you’re looking to create a more dynamic and engaging online program for your conference or meeting, start with your presenters/speakers. In addition to having a brief session description in your program (which is essential in the printed program), have them record a short video highlighting topics they will be presenting on. Then put that video on your online conference program.

Three Reasons Why Your Online Program Should Include Videos of Your Presenters

  1. It provides potential attendees with an opportunity to hear directly from the speakers which can influence them to register and attend your event.
  2. It helps registered attendees choose which sessions they will attend.
  3. And probably most important. Once your speakers have created a short video, they will want to share that video with their followers via email and social media. This will help you reach an audience of potential attendees you otherwise would not be able to directly communicate with.

Help Your Presenters/Speakers Create a Promotional Session Video

Making a short video session overview isn’t that tough. Most point and click cameras take video, laptops have integrated web cams and sites like youtube.com make it easy to quickly upload, share and embed videos.

You can help your presenters overcome their anxiety about creating a short video to promote their session. Feel free to share this informative video with your presenters or faculty. This video overviews things like cameras, lighting and how to effectively create a short video. Not to mention it’s entertaining.

Want to Some Real Samples?

See how Corbin Ball overviews a webinar he is hosting at Engage365.org.
Corbin Ball at Engage365
(scroll to bottom of page)

Watch KiKi L’Italien discussing end of 2009 and beginning of 2010 on SweetSpot Epidsode – IFDA wins sweet spot award!
Kiki on SweetSpot


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