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ASAE, MPI and just about every marketing education web site has made it pretty clear that social media plays a HUGE role in promoting your events and engaging your audience. That said, where does the average conference manager, education director or meetings professional go to get their social media education?

There’s a lot of information about event planning and how social media can boost your event and organization, but it’s fragmented all over the internet.

logoThat’s why we created Engage365!

Our goal was to bring all the experts who were focused on social media and events into one place so you didn’t have to fish the web for the information you wanted.

Yes, it’s another online community, but it’s totally dedicated to association and corporate meeting professionals using social media for events… that’s what makes it different.

Engage365 is organized by us (Omnipress) and Socialfish and backed by many meeting professionals. It runs on our Conference 2.0 technology solution and it carries a fun, energetic tone (because no one likes boring and stodgy anymore). It offers the opportunity to network with each other and learn proven concepts and strategies to help organizations maximize the use of social media for their events. Information is shared through webinars, best practice articles, discussions and ideas exchanged on these topics:

  • Using social media tools to market and engage event attendees
  • Social media ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Using social media to maximize content development and management strategies
  • Legal issues of social media

Check it out… and if you like it, join Engage365.

Here’s a short overview from Tony Veroeven (the engage365 community host) about the community.


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