Create a Customized Flash Drive to Make Your Event More Memorable

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For many attendees, attending an educational event is kind of a big deal. They have to get permission to attend, take time off from work and usually make travel arrangements to get there. Since both professional education and travel budgets have been slashed at many companies because of the economy, the investment attendees make in an event means more than it used to.

I’ve written before about the importance of giving attendees conference handouts to increase the value of their investment, but a little twist with a hot technology can add value to their event and help with the event branding.

Custom Flash Drives are Hot!

Even though they’ve been around since about 2000 (which is almost the Stone Age for technology), Flash Drives are still hot. Attendees love to receive the free storage capacity on the drive, and they appreciate having the conference handouts in electronic format they can pass around the office). They’ve got a certain “cool” factor about them, and they’re becoming more and more affordable.flash-drive-quote1

The coolest thing about flash drives from a meeting organizer’s perspective is that attendees take them with them, and they keep them forever! In my desk drawer I have several flash drives I’ve received at events, and each time I use them I recall both the event and the organizer. What’s more… the more creative you get with the customization, the more likely it is that your flash drive will be the one they save and use again and again.

Here are a few tips to make sure you tailor your flash drive investment to your attendees’ needs so your flash drive becomes their favorite.

1. Size Does Matter
Consider the amount of space your conference handouts will take up on the flash drive as you pick the memory size. Customizable flash drives these days range from 64MB to 16GB and larger! Make sure there’s plenty of room left over so your attendees can make use of your drive after the event.

2. Form and Function
Flash drives come in every shape, color and material: bracelets, pens, key chains and plain old sticks. You can order an elegant wooden drive and engrave your logo with a laser, or simply choose a custom color on a cute little drive and include a black-and-white logo. Match your flash drive to your event so your attendees will instantly think of the whole experience they had with you each time they see your memento.

3. Quality Over Quantity
Let’s face it – not all flash drives are created equal. Some of the ones that I’ve received pretty much fall apart the first time I use them – the plastic falls off, the USB port doesn’t work, the key ring breaks. Flash drives are fairly affordable these days, but you might want to consider paying a little more for something a little higher quality. The last thing you want is for an attendee to toss your drive out because it looks or feels cheap and unreliable.

Attending a Conference is a Luxury

Before I leave this topic, a quick reminder that your attendees might love you if you provide their handouts on flash drives, but they may love you MORE if you provide both paper handouts (or something meaningful in hard copy) and a flash drive. Going back to the idea that attending a conference is a luxury rather than a given these days, it’s important to add as much value as possible!

For a cost-conscious way to do both, consider a Conference Learning Journal. And yes, I have numerous Conference Learning Journals laying around my desk branded with the event information, the organization logo and all my notes inside.

Learn more about Flash Drives from Omnipress: Conference Flash Drives


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December 11th, 2009Beth Ziesenis says:

I, too, have a half dozen of these in my drawer. Even if I don’t actually use them to transfer files, I keep them. They have a value to me — they actually do something. One of mine actually goes back to maybe 2003, when early adopters gave out the first ones. I bet I keep them for several more years, until the technology becomes obsolete.

Of course, none of mine are shaped like a cupcake. That would be the best flash drive ever.

Twitter: AvenueZ


May 7th, 2010Dennis Lemmen says:

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