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2009-roundI could sit here and write about how Omnipress is 30+ years old or how a F16 fighter jet crashed less than 1/4 mile from our building, but that’s boring stuff.

What makes Omnipress is it’s people. At least that’s what our customers tell us when they complete their customer satisfaction surveys. So let’s get to some fun and interesting things about our people.

Here’s 22 things I’ll bet you didn’t know about Omnipress people:

(go ahead and click on their name for more fun tid bits)

  • Aaron Nord played … the trombone
  • Bob Hamm‘s favorite athlete is … Lance Armstrong
  • Dan Loomis‘ agenda on Sunday is planned around … Green Bay Packer kickoff time
  • Erinn Kruser‘s favorite movie is … Gone With the Wind
  • Greg Hubbard‘s favorite hobby is … hunting (every company has a guy who hunts, right?!?)
  • Holly Meyers can … get up, shower, eat and get ready in 45 minutes
  • Janel Savich loves watching reruns of … I love Lucy (is that even on anymore?)
  • Jill Taylor‘s favorite city is… Paris
  • Jodi Ray makes the best … chicken and dumplings (I’ve tasted them – yum!)
  • John JJ Miller‘s favorite device he would never give up … his moped
  • John Schipper in the mornings … hits the snooze way too many times (me too!)
  • Kristi Connelly likes to read … romance novels
  • Mike Storch‘s undiscovered talent is … herding sheep (really?)
  • Patty Keller‘s favorite athlete is … Brett Favre
  • Paul Wehking likes to wear … a crisply ironed white dress shirt at work
  • Ryan Hood wishes he … had more time and money (who doesn’t?)
  • Tom Wagner‘s secret talent is … singing (you might think twice after hearing him)
  • Tony Veroeven‘s first real job was … running a mobile DJ business
  • Tracy Gundert collects … Christmas ornaments and refrigerator magnets
  • Vince Reindl loves watching … old westerns

This isn’t everyone, but you get the point. We have some fun, interesting people.

Okay… I could not resist sharing that I of course, make the best … creative looking pancakes for my kids.


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November 24th, 2009Beth Ziesenis says:

Ha! This is great. Herding sheep? Really? I’m with Bob on Lance and Erinn on GWTW. Both my favorites. Great post~I love getting to know your team.

Twitter: AvenueZ

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