I Made a Video For You… Thought It Might Be Easier Than Sending Pictures

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We all learn in different ways and one of the best ways to learn is through seeing.

When our clients ask us to produce educational content in print, CD, flash drive or online, it’s important to for us to know exactly what their needs are. A spec sheet is always helpful in getting a price. Sharing a photo really helps too, but a video takes the cake!

Our client made this video with minimal effort and video knowledge using a simple Logitech® webcam in about 5 minutes. It provided exactly what we needed to have a clear understanding of her needs. Not to mention, it was easier to send a video from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin than for her to pack up the sample book and mail it to us…  Even if we were local to her, the video was still easier.

Get Your Speakers To Make Videos

Even though this video was shot in context of sharing information with Omnipress, just think how powerful it would be to have your conference speaker create short little videos to promote their sessions.Speaker Videos Are a Great Way To …

  • build excitement about your event
  • add a personal connection between speakers and attendees
  • help attendees make decisions about which sessions to choose


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