10 Things You Can Do at Engage365

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Do you own or operate an online community for your event or membership?

If you do, you should probably give your members a list of things they can do there to maximize their experience. You should (a) make this available in a confirmation email after they join and (b) have a page, button or link from your community home page to your list.

Let’s take the Engage365 community for example (a surprising choice I know… since I lead the Omnipress created community).

Here are 10 things you can do at Engage365

(hint: the first one is the most important):

  1. Join! Create Your Profile – The best way to stay connected with the latest at Engage365 is to sign up and create a profile. Upload a picture and tell us a little about yourself. Use tags to describe yourself and the community will automatically recommend people with similar interests. When you join, you get digest emails with new articles and recent conversations. You can also see other members at Engage365 who might be in your LinkedIn or Twitter networks. Another tip: In your profile, link your Twitter account and blog so your latest tweets and posts are automatically published in your profile and main community feeds. You never know who might find you or your organization. It’s a great way to increase your reach!
  2. Network with Others – Engage365 will soon welcome our thousandth member, making it a great place to search for others you might know in the industry. Explore profiles to discover new contacts, their blogs, their web sites, their tweets, and more.
  3. Start a Conversation Ask that burning question about social media or ROI and get feedback from fellow Engage365 members. You can ask all members, or specifically target your questions to people in certain groups. Asking questions is a great way to both gather information and showcase your expertise.
  4. Read Articles – Our members have built a vast library of content on social media, the business of meetings, new technology ideas and much more. Each week, our community leader shares three to five articles on topics our members need to understand.  Signup to get RSS feeds when new articles are published, or dive head first into the article archives. You can browse by topics and tags or search for keywords.
  5. Attend a Live Webinar – Several times a month, Engage365 thought leaders share their expertise through convenient webinars that allow you to connect from any computer. Watch and learn while you lunch, and jump into the interactive discussions during the Q&A at the end of the presentations.
  6. Watch an Archived Recorded Session – Chose from dozens of recorded sessions from industry thought leaders on topics such as blogging, event marketing, and social media planning.
  7. Participate (or lurk) in an Engage365 Chat – Every Friday at 1pm ET, Engage365 hosts a one-hour chat on Twitter (look for hashtag #engage365). You don’t even need a Twitter account to follow along. Use the Twitter feed from right inside Engage365. Chat topics include new technologies, social media, event marketing, engagement and more. There’s always one good nugget of info to walk away with.
  8. Read the Chat Archives – For every Engage365 chat, there is a chat transcript. Pick and choose from dozens of transcripts to discover the collective knowledge of our experts discussing Engage365’s hottest topics.
  9. Contribute – Do you write articles, Do you blog? Most of the content at Engage365 is member driven. You can guest blog or share articles from your own archive.  Take it one step further: give a webinar presentation. We’ll host it… all you need is the content.
  10. Get a Badge – Now that you’re a member of the community, why not fly the Engage365 colors! Get an Engage365 web badge to proudly place on your web site, blog, etc. All the cool people are doing it, why not you?


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