Three Cool People I Got to Know at ASAE

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It’s all about networking and ASAE provides a great forum for this. Here are a few folks I got to know better (or meet for the first time).


terrnance-lindy-robinTerrance Barkan (bottom left) @tbarkan
Although I already met Terrance once before, I had the pleasure of discussing social media and ways to help educate associations on the topic with Terrance. He has a good grasp on social media and international organizations which are two good things to know right now. Terrance is a well spoken professional, but offers a genuine conversation with anyone.

Lindy Dreyer @lindydryer
I met briefly Lindy at ASAE 08 and have been following her blog/tweets ever since. I had the chance to sit down with Lindy at the end of the day and chat about social media, life, #buzz2009, and other fun stuff. She is a down-to-earth, good to know person even though she proclaims to be the quiet side of – Maddie Grant (@maddiegrant) being the outspoken one so she says.

Robin Lokerman (right) Linkedin
It was brought to my attention about 20 minutes after toasting some vino at the Food & Wine Classic reception whom I was talking to… The 2009-10 Chairman of the Board for the “The Center.” Me? toasting wine with this guy? But it wasn’t like that at all. Robin was super cool and engaging to talk with. Heck, I spent over an hour chatting with him and his entourage whom included Corinne Gibbons, an independent, international singer/songwriter (she sang at the opening general session). Knowing Robin made for a much more entertaining closing session at the event.

And know that I’d be writing this article for days if I actually had to mention all the great people I encountered while at ASAE.


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