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It’s official. Omnipress has been granted a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain-of-Custody Certification.

green-printing-woodThe formal process of Chain-of-Custody Certification requires us to follow specific procedures and protocol to ensure that FSC-Certified paper purchased and used is tracked and remains within the established “chain” from tree harvesting to the finished product.

“From the paper suppliers to the printing equipment to our recycling practices, we’ve always been green. Now we’re excited to be able to offer this level of green printing and paper to our clients,” says Paul Wehking, Vice President of Sales, Omnipress.

Omnipress customers who choose this FSC level on their projects get the following:

  • Assurance that the paper products have come from forests that are well managed – meaning that they take into account environmental, social and economic principles and criteria.
  • Positive brand support to economic and social responsibility
  • Placement of the FSC logo and certification on their publications

Other than choosing a FSC printing company, what else can one do to green their printed materials?

3 Tips for Green Printing

  • Green Printing Tip 1 – Choose finished sizes for your printed materials that make the most efficient use of standard paper sizes.
  • Green Printing Tip 2 –  Print on recycled paper containing a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste. 100% is also available but currently costs considerably more and may not be available in all sheet or web roll size.
  • Green Printing Tip 3 – Minimize page count for printed books or handouts by putting slides 3 or 4 up on a page, reducing margin space and using a smaller font size.

Nothing earth shattering here, but you’d be surprised how small adjustments can reduce the number of pages… and your cost!

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