Conference Learning Journals are “In”

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It seems that Conference Learning Journals are becoming a staple at educational meetings these days.

Take a look at three major association/meeting industry leaders (and their events where these books are being given away to attendees):

  • HSMAI – Affordable Meetings National, West and Mid-America
  • MPI – Professional Education Conference and World Education Conference
  • ASAE’s Annual Meeting

All are providing these conference journals as a way giving the attendees a useful, on-site tool, but they’re not the only ones though. We’re producing these books by the thousands for many of our clients.

conference-journalsAbout the Conference Learning Journal

If you’re new to the Conference Learning Journal, let me share some info about it:

  • It’s size is usually 6″×9.”
  • Sometimes it’s called a “Conference Notebook.”
  • It includes the conference program and agenda to help attendees quickly figure out what sessions to attend. I’ve seen simple reference agendas and more complete/detailed agendas. It varies.
  • Sponsors ads are placed on the inside covers, inside frontal pages and the blank note pages usually have a footer or watermark. Think of this as a great way to cover costs of producing.
  • It contains about 30 blank pages for attendees to take notes.
  • Sometimes the organization adheres a CD with the sessions handouts on it (if there are none provided in the session rooms).
  • If handouts are placed online, there are a few house ads that advertise the location of the handouts web site (Hint – make it easy for your attendees if you’re putting session content online!!!)
  • A pocket folder can be bound into the book so attendees can hold business cards, handouts or other paper (very useful!).
  • The program, agenda and ad pages are printed in color while the remainder of pages are printed in b/w.

So as printed session handouts are on the way out for some organizations, Conference Learning journals (combined with online session materials) are replacing them.

3 Reasons the Conference Learning Journal is a Marketing Vehicle

My opinion from the marketing side of things:

  1. The conference journal is an opportunity to sell advertising (hence, increase revenue).
  2. Since attendees write their notes in it, they’re more likely to save the book than tossing it (extending your brand identity well after the event).
  3. Attendee satisfaction increases as they feel they’re getting something for the hundreds to thousands of dollars their spending (more likely to return).

Want to know how I use my Learning Journals after the event?
Read this article I previously wrote (bottom of article): Conference Notebooks, Not Notepads


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