Survey on Social Technologies and Conferences

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It’s that time again where we need your input.

As you know, the use of social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and others is rapidly growing among members of many associations, but what are associations thinking about using social media for conferences?

ShrinkWould it enhance networking, strengthen education and increase engagement at their conferences? How would social technologies bring value to the attendees before, during and after the conference? What tools would your organization need to launch these initiatives?

We are gathering data about conference networking and social media uses and would love to hear your ideas.

Chime in! Take the Survey.

Those who take the survey (and leave us your contact info) will get an early copy of the summarized survey results sometime in mid-August.

BTW —  We’ll be releasing our Conference 2.0 service in Fall of 2009 which combines social technologies, conference handouts and marketing to engage conference participants and enhance learning. – That’s all I can say for now, but stay tuned!


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July 10th, 2009Chris Uschan says:

Just a day into the survey and we’re already over 100 responses.

Here’s just a nibble of the results to date:

The top 3 benefits identified from having a “conference-based” social networking web site would be:

1. To create pre-event interest and enthusiasm 65%
2. To facilitate interaction between conference participants 52.5%
3. To increase attendance 50.5%

Twitter: chrisuschan


July 11th, says:

Survey on Social Technologies and Conferences…

A survey intended for associations – it asks how associations use social media before, during and after the conference and how they would like to do so in the future. The results will be available to all survey takers. …


July 22nd, 2009chris says:

gw4upqrb72 because technorati asked me to do this.

Twitter: chrisuschan


November 19th, 2009Survey says:

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