Email to Collect Final Presentations… Really?

Published by Steve Manicor | Topics: Online Collection Systems

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tractorUsing email to collect final presentations for a conference is like using a tractor in the ocean, but I guess it’s better than receiving a bunch of FedEx packages with diskettes in them.

Over the past 15 years, Omnipress has been helping associations and conference organizers collect final presentations from speakers. In this time, I have witnessed more than 50% of our current customers switch from email as the their tool to collect and manage files to using our OmniExpress speaker file collection system.

Here’s are five reasons why email isn’t efficient for collecting speaker content.

  1. Large files can get blocked by mail servers. We see a lot of PPT files coming in at 80MB and larger. Email servers may have a limit preventing the transfer.
  2. Nothing is structured. Files are randomly dumped into your attachment folder and presenting author information is left to whatever they type in the body of the email.
  3. Clutter. Clutter. Clutter. Most organizers probably get 50+ emails a day not including your speaker’s content. Imagine what the inbox looks like when the submission deadline nears.
  4. Revision nightmares. Keeping track of late replacement files is a hassle when using email. Producing your materials with the wrong content can get your speakers fired up!
  5. Inefficiency. Email is a communications tool, not a file collection and management system.

Hence, email is like a tractor. Right tool. Wrong job.

OmniExpress (the right tool) has helped collect more than 55,000 files for nearly 300 meetings and provides a solution for those still using their tractors in the ocean.

OmniExpress Upgraded – Call for Papers / Review Modules Added

Just recently, we made vast improvements to our content collection system. We’ve added these modules:

  • Call for Papers/Abstract Management
  • Online Reviewing
  • Session/Program Builder
Free Download: Abstract Collection Systems


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