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Power in numbers they say. For every conference participant you have registered, you have a marketing opportunity awaiting.

Remember the “I voted today!” sticker you get when you vote on Election Day that tells everyone what you did.

Why do people wear these and what impact does it have on others?

  • Awareness – It reminds people there was an election.
  • Social Proof – If I did, maybe you should too.

So how about a banner image that reads,

“I’m blogging at Conference XYZ” or

“I’m attending the XYZ Annual Meeting” or

“I’m speaking at…”

Provide your conference participants with cool images (“web stickers”) they can place on their blog, web site and email footer. Then ask them to link back to your conference web site.

Remember the benefits of “I voted”? Well, what are the benefits for you?

  • Awareness – It helps make your conference more visible. For instance, if industry bloggers have a badge on their site and have hundreds of daily visitors, your conference is being promoted.
  • Social Proof – It helps potential attendees get a feel for who is going… because if he’s going, maybe I should too.

Now here’s a hidden secret:

  • Good for Inbound SEO Marketing – The more links from “popular” sites you have pointing at your web site equates to more relevance in Google’s eyes. The more relevant, the higher your web site is positioned on natural search rankings.

Let’s see it in action

Visit the Society for Human Resource Management’s conference site. They do a nice job with this here. They are also taking a few pages out of the “justifying going to a conference” article I wrote previously.

Does this all work? Maybe… Maybe not, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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June 1st, 2009Tony Veroeven says:

Nice observation Chris. This is making the “Groundswell” work for a conference and its association!


June 1st, 2009Beth Ziesenis says:

SHRM has a great idea. Attendees/potential attendees like the peer-to-peer recommendations and commentary, and the badges are great for SEO. Thanks for sharing these insights.

Twitter: AvenueZ


June 1st, 2009chris uschan - Omnipress says:

Yet another fine example of “web stickers” by the industry leaders at ASAE:

Twitter: chrisuschan

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