Stuffing Conference Tote Bags

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Stuffing conference tote bags for for attendees is a lot of work!

After watching our crew stuff 10 different sponsor/advertiser pieces (and a hat) into a tote bag and repeat this process for 2,000 bags, I thought, “who would want to be dealing with this at their conference?”

When talking with an association friend of mine, she indicated the last thing she wants to deal with is coordinating the process of tote bag stuffing.

In many cases for stuffing conference bags, you have these issues to wrestle with:

  • Organizing the content on site
  • Receiving and storing the individual pieces
  • Possible additional handling fees at the meeting location for materials and space
  • Coordinating staff, temporary help or volunteers to stuff the bags

I had the opportunity to take a short video (narrated by Paul Wehking) on how we can do this work for you, deliver the pre-stuffed bags ready to be handed out at registration of your training and conference events… Saving you the hassle!


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January 21st, 2010Audrey says:

Just submit your post to my facebook, cant wait to share this.Think all of my folks will see this…Thanks.

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