Getting Better in Tough Times

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I always believe that bad times are the perfect times to make positive changes.

In the early 2000’s the dot-com bust and 9/11 seriously affected the meetings industry, travel and consumer confidence. At Omnipress, we took that opportunity to revamp our workflows to be more competitive and flexible in serving meeting professionals.

We’ve always been able to meet tight schedules, accept changing and late content from speakers while still delivering conference materials on time. However, we felt we had room for improvement.

Just like Tiger Woods reinvented his swing after winning numerous golf titles because he felt the only way to take the next step was to re-master what he was already great at. We felt the same way.

We took a long hard look at ourselves and found we had a lot of starting and stopping of work on each job.

So we partnered with the UW-Madison Center for Quick Response Manufacturing to reorganize our workflows. Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) was applied to our processes. Business “cells” were formed keeping the project in that cell and reducing the start/stop and ramp up needed to complete a job. The results allowed us to cut our lead times (the time from starting a job to finishing a job) in half and better utilize staff. It also gave our staff the confidence for more change. It allows us to quickly make adjustments to processes to meet customer needs.

Now in a time where the economy isn’t doing well and the meeting industry is going through change, we have the foundation for adapting to new situations.

QRM has allowed us to offer:

Check out the press release, “In Tough Times, Omnipress Cuts Time To Recover.”


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