It’s the Attendee Experience that Matters!

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Just recently, Omnipress Account Manager Jodi Ray shared her take on “Creating ROI – The Future of Association Meetings” session that she attended at Association Forum’s Holiday Showcase meeting in mid-December.

The session featured three associations whose meeting sizes ranged from 10,000 attendees to a very small meeting. In this panel format, each association shared their ideas for creating a meeting that makes a lasting impression on attendees so they return and tell others.

Download the meeting handouts:
Creating ROI – The Future of Educational Meetings

Listen to Jodi share the high points and her take on the session.

Jodi Ray
Senior Account Manager – Omnipress
17 years serving the meeting industry



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[…] Back here in the office, I decided to use the camera to allow our account reps to show just how talented they really are. I draped holiday decorations in an office and set up a karaoke machine. Each rep sang a favorite holiday song. After a few hours of backroom editing, I sent out the videos as the Omnipress holiday card. What a hit… These videos were viewed over 4000 times!!! And just recently, I captured our rep, Jodi Ray, in an interview style video sharing her experience at the Holiday Showcase. […]

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