Christmas Karaoke & Hilarious Outtakes

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For the 2008 holiday season, Omnipress is going beyond the traditional holiday catch-up letter. We’re taking our spirit to a whole new level… VIDEO !

That’s right… Christmas Videos!

We’ve recorded each Account Manager singing (or at least attempting to sing) a favorite Christmas song.

Please watch these short videos (we don’t embarrass ourselves for just anybody, you know), then vote for your favorite!

You’re going to love watching them – Enjoy!

Merry Christmas!

Click on the image to watch
each video.

 Jodi Ray  
 Tony Veroeven
Janel Savich
Holly Meyers
Jill Taylor
Paul Wehking
Bob Hamm
Vince Reindl
Tom Wagner
Jill Taylor    


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December 11th, 2008David McKnight says:

Management is not responsible for the following content. While this content may add to your holiday cheer, management warns you that repeated listening may have adverse effects upon your hearing and eye sight.

Ho Ho Ho…

Well done Sales Team!!


Twitter: Djmcknight


December 11th, 2008David S. says:

That was a tough decision…and Jill had the international thing going…but ultimately I felt I had to give my vote to Tom for hitting those higher notes! Way to go! I loved them all!


December 11th, 2008Barry says:

I can’t bring myself to actually turn the sound on for these, but cheers on coming up with a great electronic Christmas Card. Happy Holidays!


December 11th, 2008Miriam Lewis says:

Wow! What a hard decision to make! Loved them all! But my vote is secret.


December 11th, 2008John Varine - the Pittsburgh Conference says:

Wow – I sure am glad you guys and gals produce much better CD’s for us than you sing!! Kudos for the effort though – and a very Merry Christmas!!! My wife is all about music and she claims everyone can sing and she’s correct! You are all living proof!

Twitter: chrisuschan


December 11th, 2008Becky Walker says:

That is the best email I have received in a LONG time! Thanks for putting a smile on my face! 🙂

Twitter: chrisuschan


December 11th, 2008Large Louis says:

I am going to buy your company and fire the knuckleheads who are responsible for this crappy spam, which was a galactically unfathomable waste of your time and mine. LL

Twitter: chrisuschan


December 11th, 2008agronomy says:

Paul don’t quit your day job! LOL! Merry Christmas to you all.

Twitter: chrisuschan


December 11th, 2008Chris Uschan says:

Here are some more comments that have filtered there way back to me… Keep ’em coming.

“That was a very nice treat. You are brave!!! I voted for Vince, not sure if I think you were the best, but I wanted to be dedicated.”

“Thanks for your Holiday Greeting………….Don’t give up your day job!”

“Thanks for the Christmas songs! It was the most fun I had all week. You guys are certainly sports.”

“What a great idea. . . I think. Still processing . . .”

“This is GREAT. Anyone … any office … with the nerve, I mean Christmas spirit to do this has earned a place in my “IMPORTANT – HOLD” folder! Really! I’ll hold on to your info for when we’re ready to expand our conference material media offerings!”

“Hmmm….it was gutsy.  It’s cute, and painful all at once.”

Twitter: chrisuschan


December 11th, 2008Karen Decker says:

Dear Team:

Actually, I enjoyed them and it wasn’t too painful. How could it be? You were all enjoying yourself and definately some songs were riding the crest of “holiday spirit.”

However – there has to be an “unhorable mention” for Vince. This video was more painful than the prancing and pawing of each little hoof on a chalkboard!!!! I give him an A+ for “team spirit” but I suspect his true talent lies in serving spiked eggnog behind a bar…

My best wishes to you and yours for this holiday season. You guys are great and you truly made me smile with your innovative approach to making the holidays even more special. Happy New Year!


December 11th, 2008Cindy Challis Orr says:

Fabulous! What a clever and original way to say, “Merry Christmas.”

I wonder if this can be replicated on the USB flashdrives we order????

Really – thanks to everyone who was gutsy enough to do this.


December 11th, 2008Art says:

Janel, enjoyed your singing? Just fun, your children were right. However, it takes nerve to do it, I couldn’t, fun watching, great idea for your clients.



December 11th, 2008Dan Loomis says:

Entertainment for the whole family. 2 thumbs up from the Loomis family. Thanks for the good laughs. Don’t expect any calls from American Idol for X-Mas!

Great job everyone.

Happy Holidays to all!


December 12th, 2008Chris Uschan says:

More comments floating in…

Those were hilarious! Thanks for the chuckle this afternoon. You all have a lot of guts! LOL

That was hilarious!  We all here at our office enjoyed the video. What a great idea. Merry Christmas!

Jodi, many Christmas blessings from your Jewish customer.  It is a time for joy.

Is it a bad sign if my dog starts howling when this video plays? Hilarious! Very brave!

That rocked!

Very funny and a good idea.

Twitter: chrisuschan


December 12th, 2008Laura says:

Great job everyone, I enjoyed this. It looks like most of you had fun doing it as well. Merry Christmas to all of you as well and thanks for sharing this.


December 12th, 2008Debi says:

Hilarious, but ….. don’t quit your day jobs! Isn’t it scary that that will be on the net …. somewhere …… forever! Loved it!

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanuka, Kwanza (and anything else I forgot) and a Safe, Healthy and Happy New Year to all!!


December 14th, 2008Jessica Levin says:

You guys rock! That is the best thing ever. While I love you guys, I would never work for you if that was a requirement. There is NO WAY I would EVER sing on camera. You really go all out for your clients.

Happy Holidays!


December 15th, 2008Kathy Matikonis says:

Geeeeze, Vince can do EVERYTHING!!


December 17th, 2008Jill Hronek says:

Best holiday e-card ever. And better yet that it looks like you had a blast doing it. Would love to see Paul donning a bunny suit in spring and singing “Here Comes Peter Cottontail.”


December 17th, 2008Jill - TSG says:

Vince, these are classic.

I have been laughing all the way through my lunch. I see that you and Paul are nearly tied for “best” and I’m duly impressed. I have to admit that I gave my vote to Paul, but this is by far the best holiday card I’ve ever received from a vendor in my career.

Thank you for the much needed comic relief at this time of year. (Oh, and the Rice Krispie tree was pretty impressive too.)

Twitter: chrisuschan


December 21st, 2008Rita G says:

Vince is my hero! Let me know when his “idol” tour begins. I want front row seats.


December 22nd, 2008Beth from Avenue Z says:

Hands down — the best is Vince. The man’s got guts as well as heart.

Twitter: AvenueZ


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December 17th, 2009uberVU - social comments says:

Social comments and analytics for this post…

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