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One of my colleagues sent me a link to what he titled “The IPhone Killer.” It was a web site for the newest, coolest phone in the universe, the Pomegranate.

The Pomegranate is a mobile phone, mp3 player, gps system, internet, global voice translator, camera, video player, movie projector, coffee brewer, razor and harmonica in one!

coolphoneWhen I went to the site, I was fascinated! I grew more and more excited about the possibility of having a phone that outshines the iPhone and blows BlackBerry away!

But then reality set in… I realized my treasured Pomegranate did not exist.

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The Pomegranate phone is an invention of Journeyman Films, created to introduce you to Nova Scotia’s tourism campaign. It’s become an internet sensation. The viral marketing site took off, attracting the kind of attention that you can’t purchase with traditional advertising dollars.

As a marketing person, I think it’s time we do some creative thinking to generate buzz like Nova Scotia did. And you don’t have to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars like they did.

Creative Marketing Works

Take a recent campaign I just finished. I took my camera around the office, taking little pictures of the stuff on everyone’s desks.

When I sent the email out, more than three times the usual number of links were clicked! My campaign cost? Nothing more than 5 hours of fun shooting a bunch of knick-knacks.

Associations Can Get Creative Too!

Omnipress works with more than 800 associations a year, and I know our clients are thinking about what else they can do to help their associations stand out with all the other competition for their members’ attention. To attract younger members, associations are going to have to move past direct mail campaigns to creative ideas that will make an impact.

What types of creative campaigns have you seen lately? How could associations use those ideas to create their own Pomegranate buzz?

View the “iPhone killer” here

You gotta check out the harmonica feature! Then keep exploring until you run out of things, then find out what the site’s really about.

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Check out David Meerman Scott’s blog, he’s on top of this viral stuff.


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November 28th, 2008Beth from Avenue Z says:

A couple of associations I’ve talked to use trivia themes to keep members interacting. They put quizzes and questions on their printed and electronic materials. Not exactly viral marketing, but it does keep people coming back for more.

Twitter: AvenueZ


December 12th, 2008David Meerman Scott says:

Interesting viral approach here. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for linking to my stuff.


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