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My friends (Maddie Grant and Lindy Dreyer) over at are all about helping associations with their social media strategy.

They’ve just began running a weekly newsletter that focuses on (as they say) snack-sized social media tips. Very fitting since their artwork/logo looks a lot like a goldfish cracker.

Here’s their first issue (and be sure to sign up!):


Other great articles from SocialFish I have found useful are:

goldfishIf you’re looking for a place to learn how social media can help your association, I highly recommend socialfish. Plus, these guys are as addicting as little goldfish crackers.

Listening With Social Media

Here’s what I use to stay connected.

I use Twitter – I tweet and follow (using twirl) many association tweeters
Q/A with LinkedIn – Posting questions and providing answers
I Follow A-List Bloggers – and I actively contribute to this association blog


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November 6th, 2008Lindy Dreyer says:


Thanks for the link love, Chris. We can’t spread the good word about social media for associations without help from you and folks like you who work with associations everyday. You’re the best!


November 6th, 2008Maddie Grant says:

Chris – you rock. Thanks!!! : )


November 6th, 2008Chris Uschan says:

You’d think we (socialfish and omnipress) actually do business or you’re paying me — NOT THE CASE!
I just post stories on topics and solutions that we (Omnipress) believe can really help our association clients.

BTW – I hope you took no offense to the goldfish cracker.

Twitter: chrisuschan


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