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winnerisTwo weeks ago, we asked what the future of educational materials would look like in three to five years.

The results overwhelmingly lean towards online

This is no real surprise to me (and Omnipress). Back in the early 90’s the move was towards CDs and now a good portion of our clients we serve produce conference materials on CD.

In 2011, I can easily imagine these same materials (and video) online, but I would guess there would be more social tools and e-commerce wrapped around it (web 2.0).

The interesting thing is that our conference printing business has grown over the past 4 years. So maybe it’s the “produce what makes sense” approach that will prevail.

Another interesting point… only a few of the responses focused on social media. This surprises me (a little) since the ASAE meeting was all about social media. However, in my 13 years serving associatons, I am not shocked either since associations don’t move that fast (when it comes to technology).

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October 2nd, 2008Paul Wehking says:

My Dear Colleague Chris,
Make sure folks know that this is only a small (yet powerful) percentage of the whole mix of stakeholders and that is people who work IN associations. The KEY QUESTION is what do the association members or event attendees at large say about this topic??

I go to twelve industry shows each year from the big to the smalls and here’s what I see time and time again.
25% of the folks love the no paper, no handouts approach. 25% seem to be indifferent and 50% truly prefer something tangible in print to use on site!

Associations that poll the members/attendees and respond to meet their needs will reap the benefits that come with delivering what people want, how they want it and where they want it!

Don’t you want your membership ecstatic about your service approach?


Twitter: paulwehking


October 3rd, 2008Paul Wehking says:

WOW! Hopefully that group realizes the prime position they are in to keep members/attendees happy. To have that clear of a message is a gift to be used wisely 😉 Cheers!

Twitter: paulwehking


October 3rd, 2008Chris Uschan - Omnipress says:


I couldn’t agree more with your comment. Just recently, I was at a clients office who indicated their association really want to go paperless, but their attendees won’t let us. They like print.”

I was like, “Is this an AH HA moment or what!!!” (in my mind)

Your comments posted in the article, “Considering paperless” sum up what it is like for speakers and attendees.

I guess when you ask people about the future, they just think about “The Jetsons” (If Rosie would only come clean my house).

Twitter: chrisuschan

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