Flash Drive Prices Continue To Drop

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cardriveIt’s been nearly two years since offering conference materials on flash drives but since then our sales and number of projects has more than tripled.

Why is that?

Flash drive prices are dropping while the size of the drive is increasing.

Looking at replication cost of a CD vs a flash drive… A year ago, the flash drive cost about 9 to 10 times more. Now that cost is only about 5 times more.  Plus, the cost of that flash drive last year was based on a 256mb/512mb drive. Now those drives are 1 gig.

Here are 5 reasons to choose flash drives over CDs:

  1. The “wow” factor – flash drives are simply cooler than CDs.
  2. Size – They fit in your pocket and yet carry 1000 songs and your conference PDFs.
  3. You can advertise on the flash drive case.
  4. Technically, they’re faster than CDs (no moving parts vs. CDs having to spin in the drive).
  5. They’re reusable – Just last week, I transferred 250 high-resolution photos on my flash drive from my computer to a friend’s computer. Now try doing that online.

When I spoke with Dan Loomis, our Digital Media Product Manager, he indicated things like custom packaging, lanyards and key chains are not moving. He said the packaging isn’t cost effective unless you’re over 10,000 qty and customers are not seeing a lot of value with lanyards.

If you need to understand the differences between media for your conference materials, download our white paper on “Choosing the Right Media for your Educational Meeting Materials.”

And BTW, I don’t advocate getting the car drive… First, we don’t offer it and second, it’ll probably end up in your kids “pollys” or “legos” toy bin.


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October 14th, 2008Beth from Avenue Z says:

I have half a dozen flash drives from conferences in my storage drawer, and I still use them, no matter what the size. I can’t think of a better sponsor keepsake, really.

PS — What the heck is a “polly”?

Twitter: AvenueZ


October 14th, 2008Chris Uschan says:

Hi Beth — Sorry about the “Polly” confusion. I have two little girls (3 and 5). “Pollys” as we call them are short for polly pockets
. We have a gazillion of these. Yippie!

Twitter: chrisuschan


October 22nd, 2008Beth from Avenue Z says:

I knew I was missing something!

Twitter: AvenueZ


November 12th, 2008Jodi Ray says:

Flash drives for my client, SORMA WEST were a huge success this year. I was just looking at their site this morning and they have a place for attendees to download the latest version of content to the drives from their site. What a great idea to keep the drives complete, in-use, and top of mind.

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