Survey: Future of Educational Conference Materials

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Think ahead three to five years.

What will your educational meeting materials look like?

How will you collect speaker material?

Chime in with your visions of the future.

magic8ballWe work with over a thousand different associations and meeting professionals each year and we have solid relationships with many meeting industry suppliers/organizations. So your input isn’t just for us. We plan on sharing this knowledge back to you and others, all in an effort to help meet your changing needs.

Take just five minutes to share your insights on the future of educational meeting materials.

TAKE THE SURVEY NOW! (Closes 9/26)

Want the survey results?

We will be posting anonymous responses to this survey back on this blog so be sure to sign up via email (or add this blog to your RSS reader) to receive the results.

Planning Your Future?

Here are a few resources provided by ASAE.


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