The Future of Conferences and Educational Content

Published by Steve Manicor | Topics: Associations, Conferences

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As an innovation leader in the association marketplace, I am inviting you to participate in what I believe to be the first of its kind “wiki” specifically focused on the future of educational content that is collected and distributed from a conference or throughout an association.

My hope is to get the collective thoughts and ideas from suppliers, speakers, members and conference leaders on this topic. I have started the wiki by placing my thoughts around these various topics.

  • Changes Here Now
  • Value to Organizations, Speakers and Participants
  • Open Peer Review
  • On-Site and Post-Event Collaboration
  • Multimedia
  • Free vs. Paid for Content
  • Print
  • Social Media Solutions

Once we get some synergies on these thoughts, the plan is to share this site widely with the Omnipress community. You are welcome to share it with your community through your normal communications.

Why, You Ask?

We intend this wiki to serve as a central place for all of us to share our ideas, and better yet, solutions. We discourage marketing pieces for any one company, including us (Omnipress).

We hope we all get some good ideas from each other, and start delivering knowledge from conferences in new, better, more innovative ways.

To ensure openness and apply reasonable and professional communication, we engaged a wiki vendor company to administrate (approve sign ups and content shared) our wiki —

We ask for your full name, employer, and e-mail address when you register to ensure authenticity only. No one will use your information for any purpose.

I look forward to reading what you have to say about one or more of our industry topics.


About Steve Manicor

Steve is Omnipress' Director of Business Development. He has over five years serving the meetings and training industry. He leads our product/service leadership and development teams. more

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