Executive Summary of the Social Tech Survey

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Now ready for downloading… The executive summary of the Social Tech Survey produced by Principled Innovation in partnership with Omnipress (written by Jeff De Cagna, Ben Martin and Lindy Dreyer) is now available for downloading.

socialmediasurveyIn this summary, you’ll find how other associations are currently using social media tools (wikis, blogs, facebook… you name it). I won’t get into it, just download your copy to learn more.

Executive summary of the Social Tech Survey

Coming in October, there will be a full report that really gets into the details.

A sneak preview from Lindy Dreyer indicates Marketing and Communications will most likely drive social media in an association.

BTW – If you want to share your opinion on the future of conferences, I’ve created a “delivering knowledge” wiki and encourage association professionals, attendees, speakers and developers to all contribute.


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