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Couldn’t make the ASAE Secret Session? No need to worry… Omnipress was pleased to be a part of the experiment in social media. We recorded the session so you can share the discussions with your colleagues and encourage more conversations about how social media will impact associations in the coming years.

A little background on this session at the 2008 ASAE annual meeting

asaesecretsessionjeffterranceA few weeks back, Omnipress’ David McKnight and Paul Wehking were having dinner with Andy Steggles (CTO of RIMS), Jeff De Cagna on left side of the photo (Principled Innovation) and Terrance Barkan on right side of the photo (Founder & CEO of Association Global Services). They discussed the idea of having a debate on social media and its impact on associations.

To promote the session, Andy created a facebook group named the ASAE Secret Session and advertised it through other association bloggers, the ASAE list serv and twitter (all social media tools). The secret session was never officially listed in the ASAE on-site program, but drew in more than 200 people to listen to Terrance and Jeff debate six questions on the topic.

For your convenience, we’ve edited the discussion into short segments that cover the session’s six major questions.

  1. Is the buzz of social media with associations a fad or will it have impact? [video | mp3]
  2. What is the threat of social media to associations? [video | mp3]
  3. The member directory – Is the social network the member directory of the future? [video | mp3]
  4. Social networks (public vs private) – which should associations be doing? [video | mp3]
  5. Associations 2.0 – should they be structured, structureless or hybrid? [video | mp3]
  6. Will the Association of the future charge dues? [video | mp3]

View all videos (including Q/A) at OmnipressLIVE on YouTube.

BTW – Sorry about the audio… its a little distorted due to a last-minute location switch.


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