Every Good Attendee Deserves Print

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Every Good Attendee - SmIn a blog post published earlier this week, we discussed how mobile event apps are good content delivery solution for attendees of all ages. As promised, today we bring you evidence that print isn’t just for your association’s more seasoned members.

Though many millennials seem to have a smartphone permanently attached to a hand, the fact is that young professionals are actually quite devoted to reading print. The two practices, after all, are not mutually exclusive. Millennials are adept at deciding when and how to use different sources, depending on their goals.

Mobile event apps appropriate for many activities at an association’s annual meeting, like finding session descriptions and locations easily. The Omnipress Connect App adds an additional layer of fun and functionality with social features that make it easier for attendees to network.

When it comes to deep reading of your association’s event content, however, young professionals are quick to realize that using a smartphone or tablet is not necessarily the best option. Consider these statistics about millennials and their reading choices:

  • 89% of survey respondents (age 16-26) say that even with the prevalence of advanced technology, it’s doubtful that they will ever completely stop using paper.1
  • 65% of the same group finds it easier to read content on paper than to read it on a screen. 1
  • 93% of those surveyed (age 18-34) have read a magazine in the past 60 days; of those, 56% read print.2
  • 43% of younger Americans (under age 30) read a book almost every day. When the frequency is expanded to once a week, the number rises to 70%.3
  • 75% of 16-29-year-olds have read a book in the past year, compares to just 64% of those over 30.4
  • The older teens surveyed (16-17) were more likely than any other age group to have read a print book in the past year. 4
  • 86% of participants (age 22-33) agree with this statement: “The world is more connected than ever, but I think there’s still a place for printed materials.”5

The last stat on the list was taken from an independent survey Omnipress conducted. Over 500 people answered questions about the reading habits and preferences for professional and educational materials. To read more, download the whitepaper.

Next time you are discussing which content delivery options to offer your attendees, remember that preferences don’t always follow generational lines. The best solution is to offer different options for all so you could meet the needs of every professional in attendance.

Remember that above all else, the content is the most important commodity you provide at your association’s annual meeting. Attendees want to come away from your event knowing more than they did when they arrived.

That means that content trumps all, including food, beverage, or venue. If that means that another category needs to be cut in order to provide additional content options, it should be an easy choice to make. What do you think? Leave a comment below!


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