5 Ways to Use Digital Content to Market Your Training Programs

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A laptop lying on booksTraining professionals are always looking for fresh ways to promote their training programs. Using direct mail, email marketing, and social media can help market a new course or draw new students to your existing programs.

Have you considered using online training materials to drum up interest in your continuing education courses? Some ideas to get you started:

  1. Share the course syllabus. Some potential class participants will be motivated to sign up after viewing an overview of the material to be covered.
  2. Offer a free chapter of the course book. Give learners a taste of the content the course will cover to entice them to register.
  3. Post a practice exam. Want to take this tactic to the next level? Show what students can expect to learn by the course’s completion.
  4. Increase your online presence. When you make training materials available online, they are indexed by search engines, which makes it easier for people to find your organization when they search for professional development opportunities.
  5. Cross-promote other training programs. When learners access training materials online, you can use other areas of the website—banner ads, sidebars, pop-ups—to advertise similar courses they might be interested in.

Can you think of other ideas to market your program using online training materials? Leave us a comment!

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