7 Ways a Conference App Enhances Your Attendees’ Experience

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Mobile Tech - SmWhen was the last time you stopped and thought about how amazing mobile technology is? It’s easy to take this for granted. Didn’t we always have smartphones, ready to pull out at a moment’s notice to check the weather, the score, or the best route to your destination?

No! We didn’t.

But now we do, and it’s pretty incredible. Mobile technology can make your association’s annual meeting even more rewarding for attendees, on both the social/networking and the professional development side of the coin.

How? I have spilled ink on the subject before, but here’s a refresher on conference apps and the tools that enhance your attendees’ experience.

  1. Complete program information: Gone are the days when attendees would have to carry half of their body weight in printed proceedings just to look up where the next session is taking place. It’s all in the palms of their hands!
  2. Full access to conference content: Attendees can preview the handouts for an upcoming session, read through the abstract covered in yesterday’s keynote, or skim a presentation they missed to see if it’s worth following up on at home. Any content your association chooses to make available can be accessed through the app.
  3. Simple communication between attendees: Attendees can post to the app’s timeline or send a person-to-person message to a new acquaintance, without sharing contact information. All while staying in the conference app!
  4. Easy-to-use connectivity between speakers and sessions: If Ken loved hearing industry thought leader Dr. Jones contribute in a panel discussion, he can look her up in the Speaker section of the app and make plans to attend her session the next day.
  5. Timely push notifications: Keep attendees in the loop with push notifications. Announce a room change, let them know there’s a car in the parking lot with lights on, or promote your association’s next conference.
  6. Engaging live polls: Everyone likes to make their voice heard! Give attendees the opportunity with live polling. Ask for feedback on a keynote address, the networking events, or where to hold the next annual meeting.
  7. GPS-enabled maps: Getting around a new city can be a challenge, even though the map looks so easy to navigate. GPS-enabled maps can help attendees understand their location in relation to points of interest, like the convention center, area hotels, the airport, and recommended restaurants. They can just point the blue dot (themselves!) in the direction of their destination.

We’ve come a long way since the days when a printed proceedings book was the only option for attendees. There are other ways to access content, including online conference materials and USBs, to make it easier for professionals to learn on the go. Conference apps help attendees manage their engagement during the annual meeting, as well beforehand and afterwards.

Remember how helpful mobile tools can be in your own life and recognize their potential to make your attendees’ conference experience richer. Take our app for a spin drive (Apple or Android) to put yourself in their shoes.

Life is better with the right app. So is your conference! Make sure you include a conference app from Omnipress in your 2016 content strategy and budget.

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