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Jonny PoppI’m a regular reader of this blog (like you too, hopefully) and a recent post caught my attention. The article was about using Snapchat at your next conference and was written by our new intern, Kayla. What struck me about this article was not that I am out of the loop when it comes to the latest social media trends (although my son would be quick to point that out!). I was struck by the fact that, despite only being here a few weeks, Kayla was able to bring a new perspective to an issue we’ve been writing about for years: How to engage younger members.

Associations with engaged members have more success when it comes to membership renewals, word-of-mouth referrals and creating member-advocates. So it’s no surprise it is a popular topic for our customers. The annual conference has traditionally been a great way to build that engagement. When members come together into a single space to share an experience together, it generates a powerful sense of community.

What I appreciated with the post on Snapchat was that this wasn’t a case of using technology for technology’s sake. Instead, the suggestion is to try a new solution that creates a familiar outcome. As the article points out, Snapchat is how your younger members are already creating shared experiences. They are able to achieve a similar outcome as the annual conference but through a different process.

OK, enough about social media, let’s get back to the larger picture.

The key takeaway here is to make sure your new initiatives focus on achieving the correct goal. Trying to shoehorn every hot tech trend to fit your association will be a losing battle. Instead, continue to look for new solutions that solve the problems that need solving.

The best way to find new solutions is to look for input throughout your organization. Talk to members at all levels and ages from your association. When you listen to their suggestions, start by identifying the problem their recommendation solves before judging its merits.

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