9 Reasons to Print Corporate Training Materials with Omnipress

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9 Reasons - SmYour printed corporate training materials are integral to the success; you can’t trust their production to just any printer. You have to be selective. The right printing partner will help your organization balance convenience, price, and quality. You’ll feel understood and valued.

There are many printers available to you, but only a few will meet these standards. Why should you print your corporate training materials with Omnipress? Here are a few reasons to get you thinking:

  1. Unparalleled quality: First and foremost, your printed materials have to contain the right information and look great. No one wins if page numbers aren’t correct, or a page is inserted upside down, or color isn’t consistent throughout the book. (We have heard all of these problems, and more, from clients as they explained frustration with their former printers.)
  2. Single-source convenience: Omnipress has the ability to integrate everything you need for your corporate training materials, all under one roof. In addition to printing, we offer order fulfillment (including custom kitting), inventory management, and online training materials.
  3. True flexibility: Some books don’t need to be updated very often, so longer print runs make sense. Others experience frequent content revisions and should be printed on demand. Omnipress can help in both scenarios.
  4. Multiple outputs: We can print just about anything you need for your courses. In addition to course books, workbooks, and instructor manuals, we can also produce flashcards, quick reference guides, exams, and certificates. Other options are also available. Just ask!
  5. Branding assistance: Do your course books reflect your brand accurately? Or could the look of your corporate training materials use a little sprucing up? We can help! The Omnipress team can help you reinvent your brand to match the reputation you’ve built in your industry. (For an example, read the Vibrations Institute case study!)
  6. Formatting and design services: If your training content needs formatting or design help between your desk and the course book that learners receive, you can rest assured that the Omnipress team is here for you. We will work with you to bring your content to life, making it easier for your learners to read and understand.
  7. Binding options: Each binding type has its pros and cons. Determining the right option for your title doesn’t have to be a chore. We can help you figure out if saddle stitch or plastic coil is the best choice for you.
  8. Tab options: Within the volume, organization of your content is important. Index tabs are a good match for plastic coil volumes, whereas bleed tabs work better for perfect-bound books. Color divider sheets work well in binders.
  9. Dedicated project manager: More than any other factor, this is the reason our customers like to work with us. When you partner with Omnipress, you work with one dedicated project manager. This person gets to know your organization, your process, your products, and, importantly, you. Call in with a question and you’ll talk to the individual who knows your story. You are much more than an order number to us. We are on your team, helping ensure the success of your training program—and you personally—by serving as your printing partner. With Omnipress, you will experience what true customer service is supposed to be.

You deserve to work with the best printer for your organization. Given these reasons, and the dozens more you may discover when you choose to partner with us, Omnipress might be just the right fit.

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