Focus on These 12 Traits for Effective Adult Learning | Infographic

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Instructing adults in the classroom is different from when they were children. Malcolm Knowles defined the unique needs of teaching adult students with his theory “Andragogy.” Take a look at the factors that make teaching adults different than children and how you can use this information to create effective adult learning scenarios in your next course.



Focus on these 12 Traits for Effective Adult Learning


Profile of an Adult Learner 

Put adult learning theory to work in your next course! Create an effective learning environment by understanding Malcolm Knowles’ concept of Andragogy and the unique needs of teaching adults.


an·dra·go·gy noun: andragogy; plural noun: andragogies

the method and practice of teaching adult learners; adult education.

Profile of Adult Learner

Adults Bring

  • Prior experience and knowledge to the classroom
  • Preferences and prejudices that may need to be overcome

Adults Enjoy

  • Solving problems
  • Active learning
  • Small group exercises
  • Moving around the room

Adults Expect To

  • Use the concepts they learn immediately
  • Be respected in the classroom

Adults Need To

  • Know why a concept is important
  • Feel like an active part of the learning process
  • Learn at their own speed
  • Receive feedback and constructive criticism

Strategies for Effective Adult Learning

Action Learning

Allow participants to work in small groups on a real project. Diversity of the group is critical to the learning process.

Experiential Learning

Give attendees the opportunity to set goals, plan and turn decisions into action. Follow up with time to review and reflect on the outcomes.

Project Based Learning

Create real-life scenarios for learners to solve that relate to their actual work environment. Promote teamwork by encouraging students to work in groups.

Self-Directed Learning

Encourage students to integrate learning into their daily routine. Teach learners to determine their own learning needs and identify positive outcomes.

Omnipress has the tools, tips and best practices to help you deliver effective educational sessions. Let’s talk about creating educational materials tailor-made for your adult learners. Start the conversation today!


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