Omnipresence: It’s ‘State of the Conference Industry’ Survey Time!

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Jonny Popp, Omnipress General ManagerIt’s time once again for our annual ‘State of the Conference Industry’ survey. We have conducted this survey during each of the past four years and it is something that we are really proud to offer. Serving such a broad range of associations each year puts us in the perfect position to talk with a diverse group about their thoughts on the conference industry.

If you play a role in planning conferences for associations, I invite you to complete the survey here.

Once the survey results are in, your answers will be compiled into a ‘State of the Conference Industry’ report that will be released next January. The report will cover topics ranging from the goals of your conferences, challenges in delivering conference content and dealing with demographic shifts within your association. It’s the only report of its kind that addresses association conference content planning and trends.

Omnipress works hard to be a resource for associations, not just their vendor. Helping customers reach their goals is part of our company mission and is a natural extension of who we are as people, too. (I guess that “helpful Midwesterner” stereotype turns out to be true after all). Our goal is to help customers make the informed decisions that lead to great conferences. The ‘State of the Conference Industry’ report is one example of our commitment to helping conference planners.

But before we can create an insightful report, we need your input. As a way of saying “Thanks!” for filling out the survey, everyone that completes the survey will have the option to enter a drawing to receive a free FitBit Charge 2!

Speaking of “Thanks,” I’d like to say thank you for being a part of our conference professionals’ community. We’ve had a lot of good feedback on the report over the years and you are what makes this survey possible. I’m always interested in how people address the challenges that come with conference planning, and excited to see your expectations for the future. Every year it seems like the industry is changing at a faster pace than the year before. Is it the same this year? I can’t say for sure unless you complete the State of the Conference Industry survey!


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