Formatting Your Association’s Training Materials: Moving From Frustration to Freedom

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By the time your association’s printed training materials reach learners, the content has already been through many phases of development. That process includes everything from the first draft through to the final press check, just before the books were printed.

Formatting and design play an important role in bringing your association’s valuable content to learners. Many associations find this step to be tedious. Futzing with page design is not, it turns out, everyone’s idea of a fun afternoon.

That’s just one of many reasons Omnipress offers design and formatting services. Our experienced team handles print design, formFormatting - Training - Smatting, and project management every day. They can help bring your association’s content to life.

One of the main reasons to trust your formatting to an experienced vendor is simple—quite frankly, you’d rather not do it. And that’s absolutely fine! We are more than happy to take that burdensome task off of your plate.

Just for fun, though, let’s explore some other benefits of outsourcing the formatting of your printed training materials:

  • A clean appearance removes the distractions that course books sometimes include if less thought is put into the presentation of the content.
  • An organized course book makes for a better user experience, putting your association’s content in the spotlight.
  • A well-formatted page improves the readability of your content. If we succeed, your learners will hardly notice the formatting at all.
  • A cooperative relationship means that we’re not satisfied until you are. Send us your feedback and we’ll make it right.

Remember the process from draft to printed book from the beginning of this post? That’s really just the beginning. After your course materials have been written and the book has been formatted, there are many steps that follow. Thankfully, you can count on Omnipress to help you with all of them.

Order fulfillment is a time- and stress-saver if there ever was one! Our customers credit Omnipress’ fulfillment services with giving them the time they needed to create new titles, allocate staff time to more mission-critical work, and take back all the time they were spending packing and shipping. (Not to mention buying and organizing office supplies. Did we mention that we do custom kitting?)

Inventory management gets the boxes out of your office. Before you purchase a bigger suite for your association or warehouse space to store the many boxes of training materials, give us a call. There is a better way!

Online training materials work well as a supplement to printed training materials. Work with us to bring your content online and your learners will get easy access to course materials on sites that use responsive design. That means the content will look great on any screen, from a smartphone to a desktop. With other features like note-taking and full-text search also available, your learners will appreciate this additional avenue to their training materials.

Our new online marketplace, Storefront, gives your association the opportunity to sell all types of training materials in one place—printed books, USBs, CDs, and digital files. The storefront will include your association’s colors and logo, and all collected payments will go directly into your account. The non-dues revenue you earn through your continuing education training materials stays with your association throughout the transaction.

What’s the next step for your continuing education training content? Talk to Omnipress! You’ll see how much easier your day can be when you have the freedom to focus on the tasks you enjoy.

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