Collection: It’s Not Just for Abstracts Anymore

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poster-collection-pageYou may know that Omnipress can handle collection for your event. Maybe you even use us for abstract collection already and you also work in an industry that places a high importance on poster sessions.

Did you know that Omnipress can collect posters, too? In fact, we have been collecting posters for many years. (Our collection system has been used for other purposes as well, including nominations for awards and even board members.)

Poster collection will feel familiar to those who have used Omnipress for abstract collection. The four components of the process—collection, review, management, and distribution—remain the same. Submitters, reviewers, and association staff will all get to work with a system that has an easy, intuitive interface with the customer support you’ve come to expect from Omnipress.

We remain flexible with file types and sizes, though often associations will give an exact size, or specify a maximum size, for printed posters. Assigning reviewers to submissions is up to you—posters can be manually assigned by association staff or automatically by topic or track. Scoring criteria can be written and built into the system to guide reviewers.

The association staff members we’ve worked with find the administrative portal of the online collection to be streamlined and easy to manage. In addition to communicating with submitters and reviewers using an on-board email system, association professionals can use the system to schedule the event and collect final posters, disclosures, and releases.

And the best part is, poster collection is just the beginning. Check out the blog later this week, when we’ll feature information about poster printing and access to online posters that you can (gasp!) actually read. To learn more now, visit the Posters page of the new

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