Event Websites: Updated with Your Needs in Mind!

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Screen_capture_-_DPPYour event website is a potential attendee’s first encounter with your annual meeting, and you want it to be a positive one. After all, this initial impression sets the tone for the conference. What do you want your website to say about your event? About your organization?

Omnipress has a few ideas, and we’ve incorporated them into the updated, streamlined look of our new event website. We think your site should communicate an experience that is elegant in its simplicity.

Navigating the site is so easy, it almost seems innate. The grid used to display sessions has a clean look, with no extraneous information cluttering the view. If your members want to know more about the speaker, they can find that information quickly and easily. If they don’t, it’s not taking up space on the screen or adding to the site’s load time.

The website is not only easy to view on a desktop, but mobile-friendly, too. When viewed on a smartphone or tablet, the site appears correctly for the device, with a sidebar menu instead of a drop-down list, for example, and feels more finger-appropriate than  mouse-appropriate.

What’s in it for you and other association staff members? For one, you get flexibility and variations on how you display your event information. Does track or topic make the most sense for your organization, or is yours an event where the basic chronological schedule is most helpful to potential attendees? Or would an alphabetical list of sessions work best? We can make the system work for you; we can even help you decide how to structure it.

A second benefit of the updated event website is branding. The Omnipress team has built many different sites with every color of the rainbow and logos for all types of events. Visit the Our Work section of our website to view examples.

Plus, you’ll work with a company that can help you provide content in other methods of event content delivery, including conference printing, mobile event apps, and USBs, as well as abstract collection and management.

The streamlined look of Omnipress’ new websites can represent not only your event, but also your new attitude towards content delivery. Now that I have Omnipress as a single-source partner, providing content to our members and attendees is easier.

For more about the updated event website, visit our website, read the press release, or contact an account manager!

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